clock December 24,2023
Waves Announces Collaboration with Yohani for Future Campaigns

Waves Announces Collaboration with Yohani for Future Campaigns

Waves announced plans to partner with Yohani as a brand partner for upcoming campaigns at a media gathering held recently at the Waves concept store in Havelock City Mall complex. The announcement comes on the back of the breakthrough success of the “Show Your Two Colours” campaign which sparked a viral social media trend involving over 50 social media influencers. The trend which caught traction when Yohani was spotted wearing two-coloured footwear, succeeded in driving the personalization of Waves flip-flops by combining colours and accessories to showcase individualization and personal preference.

Waves plans to continue strengthening its positioning as an iconic Sri Lankan brand which celebrates fashion and youthful exuberance through its product offering and marketing efforts, a vision which aligns perfectly with Yohani, the trend-setting pop sensation.

“We have seen great synergy between the Waves brand and Yohani given the common values that the two stand for and the organic success of our past collaborations with her and her team. As a partner to the Waves brand, Yohani will be an integral part of our future efforts to reach the youth through our products and an icon of inspiration for how we interact with our core demographic,” stated Oshini Jayasuriya, Brand Manager for Waves, commenting on the significance of the partnership.

The partnership is also an exciting new look at the potential for artists to engage with brands in ways which truly influence and drive behaviour among the target audiences that share mutual values of fashionability and personal expression. The partnership is expected to contribute towards bringing the youth closer to the Waves brand by playing the role of a conduit which enables a two-way dialogue between the brand and its audience through a variety of channels including social media. The past mutual success enjoyed by both brands through their joint synergy is expected to guide the way for the future.

“Fashion has continued to be a focus for Yohani throughout her career and the collaboration with Waves is a natural fit for her as a trendsetter. Given the alignment between Yohani and Waves as brands with a focus on the youth demographic, this partnership enables both brands to reach their target audience in exciting new ways. We want to thank Waves and the Waves team for the continued opportunities they have given us to work together and we look forward to great things soon from this partnership,” commented Dilanjan Seneviratne, Executive Producer and Business Manager for Yohani.

The product line manufactured and marketed by Waves is a sustainable, vegan, eco-friendly, and fashionable flip-flop collection, drawing inspiration from the breathtaking natural beauty of Sri Lanka. The collection achieves a harmonious balance between the tranquillity of the coastal lifestyle and the sophistication of urban glamour, with Sri Lanka serving as both muse and backdrop.

Crafted exclusively from authentic, FSC-certified Sri Lankan natural rubber, sourced from the island's fertile slopes, Waves' flip-flops undergo a meticulous production process to meet the highest environmental standards.

"Integrating Yohani into our brand story is more than just a partnership; it's about creating a platform for self-expression and connecting with our audience on a deeper level. Yohani's journey, her music, and her style speak to the heart of what Waves stands for. We are excited to explore this synergy and bring our customers along on this vibrant journey," commented Dilshan Rajapaksa, Marketing Director for Waves speaking to the media at the event.

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