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SLT-MOBITEL Enterprise and Web3 Genes push boundaries leveraging blockchain technology offering enterprise digitalization

SLT-MOBITEL Enterprise and Web3 Genes push boundaries leveraging blockchain technology offering enterprise digitalization

SLT-MOBITEL Enterprise, recognized for delivering best-in-class technology for the enterprise segment, has joined forces with Web3 Genes, a pioneering company specializing in Web3 technologies, in a landmark partnership to revolutionize digitalization for enterprises. Importantly, the alliance represents a first for a telco in the region, propelling Sri Lanka to the global front in spearheading enterprise digitalization with blockchain.

The collaboration between SLT-MOBITEL Enterprise and Web3 Genes is poised to set new a benchmark, offering transformative solutions that empower businesses to thrive in an increasingly digital world. The partnership offers cutting-edge solutions and innovative services to enterprise customers, leveraging blockchain technology to address critical challenges in digital documents, data security, and digital transformation.

Prabath Dahanayake, Chief Marketing Officer, SLT-MOBITEL Group, stated, “Blockchain plays a vital role in SLT-MOBITEL’s journey towards becoming a Techno. By combining our experience and expertise with Web3 Genes’ blockchain-based innovative solutions, we will be able to create valuable business opportunities that bring critical capabilities to our enterprise customers. We are confident the partnership will drive sustainable innovation in the Sri Lankan business landscape and help expand our global footprint.”

Further, Web3 Genes’ seasoned professionals have a deep understanding and wide experience of state and enterprise business dynamics and challenges, which is the perfect synergy for SLT-MOBITEL Enterprise in fulfilling the aspirations of Sri Lankan businesses. 

Based on the partnership, SLT-MOBITEL Enterprise will offer customers Web3 Genes’ proprietary and groundbreaking product, SecureDoc, a revolutionary solution designed to be the future of secure mobile vaults. An award winner at the NBQSA National ICT Awards 2023 organised by BCS, SecureDoc is the world’s first enterprise-ready product for resolving issues pertaining to digitalization, fraud, mobility, and the verification of important documents.

Built on blockchain, SecureDoc ensures the integrity and authenticity of digital documents, with the ability to share them amongst various stakeholders securely. With SLT-MOBITEL’s strength in the Sri Lankan enterprise market, these capabilities represent a significant transformation for businesses to innovate their products and service offerings to its customers

Web3 Genes is on a quest in reshaping the digiverse, developing disruptive products and services on Web3 technologies, positioning itself as a leader in pushing the boundaries of innovation, driving meaningful digitalization for enterprises along with its commitment to Net Zero goals.

Through the partnership, SLT-MOBITEL Enterprise also gains access to Web3 Genes' expertise in consultancy services, custom development, and innovative products for tech startups in blockchain. The collaboration empowers SLT-MOBITEL Enterprise to offer comprehensive solutions tailored to the digitalization needs of enterprises, further strengthening its position as a premier service provider of enterprise solutions in the region.

Gihan Wijesinghe, Founder/CEO, Web3 Genes stated, “We are extremely pleased to have partnered a giant in the industry. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology together with our innovative solutions, we can offer SLT-MOBITEL Enterprise customers and Sri Lankan organizations including the state sector, platforms that are secure, transparent, and cost optimized marked by enhanced efficiency and effective resource utilization to transform the digital landscape.”

The partnership emphasizes the expertise of SLT-MOBITEL and Web3 Genes blending together to provide cutting-edge blockchain technology. SLT's robust infrastructure and nationwide reach, coupled with Web3 Genes' specialized knowledge and experience in blockchain and Web3 solutions, creates a powerful synergy capable of delivering groundbreaking blockchain-based applications and services.

Especially in the Sri Lankan context, and evolving economic environment, with blockchain-based solutions, enterprises can pivot with new or improved product offerings and enhance the user experience and simplify the customer journey. SLT-MOBITEL Enterprise and Web3 Genes can also support organizations streamline processes, optimize resource allocation and enhancing operational efficiency.

Harnessing the power of blockchain technology, the collaboration aims to open up limitless business potential for enterprises to drive organizational growth or create competitive edge through tamper-proof Asset management platforms, Asset Tokenization Platforms, De-Fi platforms, Web3 Gaming and Metaverse apps.

The partnership further demonstrates SLT-MOBITEL's commitment to delivering innovative and sustainable digitalization solutions, positioning the company at the forefront of enterprise technology advancements.


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