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Kirsche Capital Unveils Its Latest Modest Collection

Kirsche Capital Unveils Its Latest Modest Collection

Kirsche Capital, a dynamic addition to Colombo's fashion scene, proudly announces the launch of its newest collection, offering a fusion of affordability, trendiness, and modesty in contemporary fashion. Nestled on  395 R.A. De Mel Mawatha in Colombo 3, Kirsche Capital is the brainchild of CEO and Co-Founder Dr. Sarah Fazy, a fashion enthusiast dedicated to bridging fashion with trendsetting designs.

 Co-founder and Director of Kirsche Capital Viduravi Hansaja Kumbukage

Recognising the surge in demand for modest fashion, Kirsche Capital proudly introduces its inaugural modest wear line. In response to customer feedback and market trends, the brand's latest collection caters to individuals seeking stylish yet modest attire. To mark this milestone, Kirsche Capital hosted a captivating fashion show featuring its modest wear range, complemented by a live hijab demonstration tutorial led by hijab stylist Aysha Iqbal. Demonstrating unique hijab styling and draping techniques, the event underscored Kirsche Capital's commitment to empowering individuals to express their style.


Co-founder and Director of Kirsche Capital Viduravi Hansaja Kumbukage brings his cinematic background to the forefront. He is a renowned actor and well-known for his distinct style and passion for fashion. He expressed enthusiasm for the launch stating, "We are thrilled to introduce our modest wear collection, catering to the evolving needs of our customers. Combining affordability with style, we aim to empower individuals to feel beautiful while adhering to their modest dressing preferences."


Spanning an impressive 4,000 square feet, the Kirsche Capital store epitomizes style, showcasing meticulously curated men's and women's ready-to-wear clothing along with adorable children’s wear. With a commitment to delivering high-quality, contemporary designs, the brand offers a diverse range of timeless tops, dresses, pants, skirts, and shirts tailored to suit any occasion.


What distinguishes Kirsche Capital is its emphasis on comfortable clothing styles that exude liberation. From classic to contemporary, the brand offers a wide array of styles designed to accommodate diverse preferences and body types. Whether for casual outings or formal events, Kirsche Capital's clothing is meticulously crafted to facilitate effortless mixing and matching, ensuring versatility for every occasion.


In addition to its women's collection, Kirsche Capital presents a range of comfortable and high-quality T-shirts and shirts for men, catering to contemporary fashion sensibilities. They also have an extensive kid's collection, making it an ideal one-stop-shop location for the clothing needs of the entire family. Emphasising a modern, feminine style and an inclusive approach, the brand remains committed to fostering positive change and enhancing diversity in its offerings.

For more information about Kirsche Capital and its journey, visit the store directly or contact them at +94702370123.



About Kirsche Capital


Kirsche Capital is Colombo's premier destination for affordable and trendy men's, women's, and children's clothing. The brand is renowned for its commitment to delivering high-quality, contemporary designs that blur the lines between tradition and trend. With a focus on modest fashion, Kirsche Capital empowers individuals to express their style effortlessly, ensuring inclusivity and diversity in every collection.

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